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Write a 750-words self-reflective essay on your learning, on challenges faced, and on the relevance for your career. Please keep in mind that this requires a significant amount of critical thinking. 

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The essay should talk about: 

1. The fundamental principles of business, concepts of business policy, and how these can be applied to strategic functions and practices for strategic planning and decision making in the organization context. Understand the environmental ecosystem, the network of stakeholders, and portfolio of value transformation capabilities. 

2. Obtain a comprehensive coverage of knowledge on strategic thinking, strategy formulation, and strategy-execution process. 

3. Develop the capabilities to analyze cases, to make decisions, and to solve problems under high uncertainty or in a business environment with limited information. 

4. Understand the context of a competitive global economic environment. Demonstrate an understanding of critical social responsibility issues and ethical business practices. 

5. Demonstrate competency in written and oral communication skills.

As well, see the video attached, write down your reflection on the experience – what you learned in 100 – 125 words, which should be included in the 750-words self-reflective essay. 

The link for video:

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