Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

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Complete a ten page, typed, double-spaced essay on Jeffrey Dahmer. The paper should include relevant research on your topic. You are to compare and contrast research and ideas (comparing or contrasting the research–if it is all the same, then you are only comparing). Support your opinions with the research you have found. Be sure the following details are addressed: § Use a minimum of three references § The paper is a minimum length of ten pages, not including cover page and reference page (total 12 pages). You are welcome to go well beyond the 10 pages of written information keeping it within reasonable limits, no beyond 20 pages. § Papers are completed using APA style references and in-paper citations. Also, Wikis are acceptable as sources, but you can only use one for your essay. § Papers are to be submitted by the due dates outlined in the course schedule. § Submitted using the digital drop box.

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