Service Learning Ethnography and Research Project

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 Phase 2: Service Learning Ethnography and Research Project Your Final Service Learning Ethnography documents your required 6 hours of service, and is to be completed before the end of the quarter. Include a table that clearly documents all 6 hours of completed Service Learning, with site and contact information. The second portion is to be an interpretive research project making a solid connection between your service and research topic. Look back over your notes from the quarter to identify a theme that ties in with your SLE experience. If you completed service hours at more than one site, you are welcome to choose just one for the focus of this project. The research project should be a work of art: it can be a podcast, a video, or a documentary presented in your choice of medium.You can use any mode of recording, including the canvas feature under discussions to compose your podcast/video. You can also use YouTube, RedCircle, Podbean, and Anchor to create and edit your projects – all of these resources are free. No Fluff. Composition of the Project: This is the reflective research project, the main body of your composition. The project should be carefully thought-out and proofread. Consider the points for reflection listed above and the role of individuals within cultural landscapes as agents of evolution. Your research should be supported with a minimum of three sources, one of which should be from assigned course material. In other words, you need to clearly explain and explore at least one connection between your service work and the issues we are exploring in this class, and you also need to incorporate perspectives beyond the scope of course material. This assignment is deliberately open-ended to allow (or force) creativity on your part.

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