Single subject design how walking daily, increasing water intake and Substituting sugary snacks with fruits and veggies are ways to loose weight

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Single subject design is a way to evaluate practice with individuals and to understand that evaluation is an ongoing component of the interactive process with and on behalf of diverse individuals. Through this exercise you will gain the experience of evaluating processes and outcomes of an intervention with a single subject and applying evaluation findings to improve practice effectiveness at the micro level. For this assignment you will work with another student to identify and track a behavior that needs to be modified. Each student will be in the role of social worker for another student as well as the focus client for that peer. You will research an evidence based intervention that addresses the identified problem. You will apply the/intervention and work with the client/ student partner to track its implementation. Each student-client will record incidents of their own behavior during the baseline period for their worker-student. Work together to define the end goal for the behavior and intervention that will be implemented. You will implement the intervention and track the behavior during the intervention period- in regular consultation with one another. Each student will then write a report, as the social worker, about their intervention and work related to the other student/client. The report will include 1) A definition of the problem behavior and the theory behind it, 2) baseline data, 3) a description of the desired behavior change and why the change is necessary/desired and related intervention, 4) intervention-stage data, and 5) a complete discussion of your findings as they relate to theories of human behavior and the social environment. You will consult the literature and use appropriate references (at least five references). The paper format may be modeled after the Brophy article assigned for class. All SSD reports must be in correct APA format. Sections of this research paper will include: Introduction and background that reviews literature about the problem behavior and an intervention that can be used to address this behavior. This is where your variables will be operationalized. Method section that describes the intervention and tools (eg. tracking worksheets, assessments), and the procedure for implementing the intervention. This should include information and details about the tools (eg. where you got them, how they were designed- if by you, the rationale for the questions being asked). A detailed baseline assessment section is included here as well. Intervention and Evaluation section that provides the data results and details of how the intervention went. Discussion section that critiques your findings. This includes what the strengths and limitations of your study were, how the intervention might be improved, and why the intervention worked (or not).

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