Skills needed to accurately look at media critically.

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This reaction paper is designed for you to secure the skills needed to accurately look at media critically. You will keep in mind what you’ve learned from the text about interpreting or analyzing media. Bottom line, you should recognize the bias (or lack of bias) in either Restrepo OR Gardeners of Eden. This bias or lack of bias MUST be supported with scholarly, peer -reviewed research!! These papers should be written according to APA style with a cover page, abstract and reference page. Those pages DO NOT COUNT toward your 2-page paper. You will write at least 2 pages not including these aspects of APA. This paper will also help you practice APA and get you prepared for your final paper. Your paper should explore 2 key concepts: Meaning Construction – What meaning do you or would the audience draw from this documentary (In other words – what did you glean while keeping in mind what the filmmakers wanted you to know) Agenda setting theory Also, really look at Chapters 8, 9 & 10 when writing this paper… Use the concepts from these chapters to create a very good argument around recognizing bias If you think of other things you would like to react to – that’s fine…. Just be sure you are reflecting on bias and how this movie is or is not biased. Things to think about and bring up in your paper – questions work for both films: Research who the director is and how he / she made the film Research who owns the outlet … And strategies they use to tell a story… Are the strategies they use to tell the story bias in and of themselves? What do you know after viewing the film?

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