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a-Full source code with comment

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b-Explanation of the program-in MS word

c-Screenshot of the running program.

C How to Program Book (Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel)


7.32: (Polling) The Internet and the web are enabling more people to network, join a cause, voice

opinions, and so on. The U.S. presidential candidates in 2008 used the Internet intensively to get out

their messages and raise money for their campaigns. In this exercise, you’ll write a simple polling

program that allows users to rate five social-consciousness issues from 1 (least important) to 10

(most important). Pick five causes that are important to you (e.g., political issues, global

environmental issues). Use a one-dimensional array topic (of type char *) to store the five causes. To

summarize the survey responses, use a 5-row, 10-column two-dimensional array responses (of type

int), each row corresponding to an element in the topics array. When the program runs, it should ask

the user to rate each issue. Have your friends and family respond to the survey. Then have the

program display a summary of the results, including:

  1. a) A tabular report with the five topics down the left side and the 10 ratings across the top, listing in

each column the number of ratings received for each topic.

  1. b) To the right of each row, show the average of the ratings for that issue.
  2. c) Which issue received the highest point total? Display both the issue and the point total.
  3. d) Which issue received the lowest point total? Display both the issue and the point total.


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