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Imagine you have been asked by your boss to produce a research report on the project with your colleagues. With that structure in mind, students will work in teams of 4-5 members to select a social marketing program implemented in Australia or internationally and analyse its campaign development and execution. Start with the background and context of the program. Then, using the systematic total process approach of the UK’s National Social Marketing Centre, analyse the program, describing whether or not the program covered the eight benchmark criteria and how these were applied. For the final chapter of the project report, provide recommendations on how to improve or expand the chosen program. To get started, you should work as a team to select a campaign/project and request approval from the lecturer. The lecturer will try to assist you with a list of potential campaigns/ programs and references from which you can choose. You can choose others, however, you will need to seek permission from the lecturer. You should then collect data and material on your program and look for references to the benchmark criteria. The wording of the various elements of the program may be different from those of the process approach and benchmark criteria so you will need to take that into consideration. Do not try to analyse everything that occurs in the program. Focus on the five stages and how they incorporated (or not) the benchmark criteria. Use the academic literature (published books and journal articles) as well as the “grey” or unpublished literature, such as reports, articles, blogs, videos, and presentations to assist you and for references. See detailed instructions and outline here: quiz_circle_icon.png 6934 Group Report Assignment Description 2019Preview the document Besides regular student team meetings, each team will need to arrange three (3) Project Team meetings with your instructor to discuss your progress (see the schedule above for designated weeks). Teams will submit only one report as a group, not individual reports. Additional instructions will be available through the LMS, including a template for the report. Please note that marks in this assessment are individual, i.e., despite the group project nature of the project, grades in it may differ based on each student’s effort, involvement and actual work done for it. One of the tools used to ascertain the contribution is a peer evaluation form. So, please do not assume that by being in a group your grade is automatically the same as that of others. Please use the following peer evaluation form. alert_circle_icon.png Peer Evaluation Form 6934Preview the document Download, fill in your comments and scores and then attach to an email to your instructor. Please note that sending a peer evaluation form is part of your grade for this assignment. Marking criteria: Evidence of thorough and accurate research using multiple types of source material. Demonstration of understanding of the systematic approach and benchmark criteria. Engaging argument development and effective application to the chosen program. Presentation of sound conclusions and insightful recommendations. Quality of written expression and evidence of editing and proofreading as well as professional presentation. Academic honesty While the University is aware that the vast majority of students and staff act ethically and honestly, it is opposed to and will not tolerate academic dishonesty or plagiarism and will treat all allegations of dishonesty seriously. Further information on academic honesty, academic dishonesty, and the resources available to all students can be found on the academic integrity pages on the current students website: Further information for on research integrity and ethics for postgraduate research students and students undertaking research-focussed coursework such as Honours and capstone research projects can be also be found on the current students website:

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