Social Media Marketing Plan

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Week 12 Discussion 1: Social Media Weekly Discussion: Social Media Marketing Plan

Due: Post your response by end of Day 4, and reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts by end of Day 7 Social media can be a very effective tool to connect with, engage, and excite library patrons and promote library programs, resources, and services. In this week’s assignment, please develop a social media marketing plan to promote the proposed new technology offering at your library. In your plan, please address the following questions: • What are your marketing strategies and goals? • What is your main message / story of this new offering? • Which social media platforms you will employ and why? Please identify at least two.  • Who is your target audience for each type of social media channel? • How the content is generated and shared across platforms? • What is your staffing plan or staff training efforts to help you reach that goal?

• How will you assess the outcomes of the plan? ________________________________________ Below are two social media marketing campaigns that won the 2017 California Library Association PR Excellence Award: 1. City of Commerce Public Library Instagram Challenge • Goal: Reach 2000 Instagram followers on the library’s Instagram account • Facebook • Instagram Instagram Challenge – Library Staff Jumps in the Pool Video Transcript Instagram Challenge–Library Staff Jumps in the Pool Transcript Beatrice S.: Hi. I’m Beatriz Sarmiento, the proud director of the City of Commerce Public Library and Instagram followers, you did it. You helped us get to 2,000 followers by April 9. Thank you so much and now we’re ready to make good on our promise to jump in the pool. But please continue to follow your Commerce library on Instagram. [crosstalk 00:00:46] Speaker 2: Stand it up. [crosstalk 00:01:10] Speaker 3: Ooh. Speaker 4: Whoa. Speaker 2: Yeah! Whoa! Yeah! Whoa! Yeah! Speaker 5: Woo! Speaker 2: [inaudible 00: 05: 03] Beatrice S.: Hm. I wonder what we’ll do for 5,000 followers. Follow us on Instagram. Woo! Speaker 6: You guys, I’m here. Sorry I’m late. I was at a conference. Where are you guys? I thought we were gonna jump. Oh well. Shh. 2. University of Southern California Lost L.A. • Goal: Promote the Lost L.A. public television documentary series produced by KCET and USC Libraries • Facebook • Twitter 

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