Sociology of Family

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Required Reading: “Diversity in Families” – Chapters 4 & 5 Instructions: As discussed in Chapters 4 & 5, today’s families are affected by macro-level forces such as the economy, immigration, and aging. Discuss how the following macro forces below have shaped your family. “Globalization and the transformation from a modern to the post-modern economy over the past thirty years, as well as the recent economic crisis have significantly affected American families. The outsourcing of jobs, a decline in unionized jobs, job insecurity, housing woes, and financial debt, have contributed to downward social mobility, making it more difficult for families to achieve the middle-class American dream. Discuss how larger shifts in the economy have affected your family’s economic situation.” Assignment Format: Word document 2.0 (double-spaced) 1 inch margins 12pt Times New Roman font MLA citation

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