soil mechanic lab report

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First of all, watch the attached video to see what I worked on in the lab ( and ( ). In addition, the data is attached as well to show you the results that I got. by the way, I was in group 8 in Lab 2 which means you should use this results. You can get started with the analysis and lab write-up with the data. Remember that when plotting the liquid limit data, the x-axis should be plotted in log scale. Add a logarithmic trend line to your chart. You can then use the equation of the trend line to determine the liquid limit which corresponds to the moisture content for 25 blows. Display the trend line equation and R^2 value on the chart. Label the chart axes. Also, if there are some data points that you think you can defend as outliers (bad data), you can exclude those test results from the data used for the trend line. However, I want to see the outliers on the chart. This will require having two data sets on the chart. Let me know if you have any questions about plotting the data. I can easily give you some pointers in a zoom meeting online during office hours.

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