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For this assignment, you will attend a formal speech or lecture given outside of the classroom (on campus or in the larger San Diego community), and write a three-to-four page analysis of that speech. Where did the speech take place and what was the occasion? Consider the speaker’s stated objective and detail the use of support. Consider the speaker’s interpersonal behaviors — use of language and nonverbal skills. Consider the audience reaction and attentiveness. Why was the speech effective or ineffective? This assignment requires the ability to analyze communication competence in relation to speech organization and development, audience analysis, research literacy, and verbal and nonverbal communication. Students must also be able to analyze the use of ethos, pathos, and logos. The Proposal for your Outside Speech Analysis is due by Tuesday, September 17th by the end of the day via Blackboard in the Discussion area. This proposal will include the Title of the Presentation, Date: Location, Time and Why is this important for you?: Your APA formatted, three-to-four page analysis of the speech is due by Saturday, November 16th. I attended a talk by Ja’Tovia gary. She is an film maker/ artist who wants to tel the story of what is it like to be black in america. But she does specific things in her films such as leaving out the dead bodies from the intense brutal scenes. she does this because she said that her films are aimed towards African Americans, and they don’t need to see the actual dead body to know its there. Her flms were very choppy with differnet photos of afrrican americans through out history. She also goes around new york asking black people if they feel safe where they are, where they go, in their own skin. She gave this speech in one of our buildings on Usd campus. it was kinda a shitty room to be giving it in. A lot of people had to stand and she only had a podium like 2 feet from the front row of set up chairs. I guess we did it in there because there was a black out room where she played her films for the first 30 minutes and then we went into the next room for her to talk about what we had just seen. If u hve any questions text me at 214-801-1836

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