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HHPS 7334 Sport Marketing Book Review Assignment You may have written a book report before that was a simple summary of a book. OK, so that ensured (more or less) that you read the book, but was pretty mindless and boring. That is NOT what this book review assignment is about. The idea of a professional book review is to briefly summarize the ideas of the book, but mainly to give your opinion about the book’s merits… it is a critical analysis of the book. “Critical” means that you are going to evaluate objectively whether the author has fulfilled their objectives in the book, and whether they have used persuasive evidence to support their claims. Did you find the book engaging? Persuasive? Did you agree with it? Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to others? What is the intended audience of the book? Does it succeed in reaching this audience? Your book review should be readable to a general audience that may not have read the book… it should flow well and be explanatory. You should have an introduction, discussion of the book, and clear conclusion (although these don’t have to be broken into explicit sections, you can write this like an essay). Include: • The title and author of the book you are reviewing • The author’s objective(s) and audience • The author’s main arguments • Your evaluation of the author’s support of his/her arguments (provide examples) • Comparison with material presented on at least one major theme presented in the course (provide examples) and cite your textbook • Your conclusions about the book Use no less than 3, but no more than 4 pages to address the above issues. Use APA formatting for text. A cover page isn’t necessary, but a reference page is. Utilize in-text citations whenever you use material from your reviewed book or your textbook. I have chosen 3 marketing books that provide some interesting ideas regarding modern-day marketing. Choose one to review. You can order a book, but you can also use library resources. The Ottenheimer library does not have these books, but can get them for you through Interlibrary Loan. The Central Arkansas Library has copies available. I recommend utilizing these resources early in the semester… Interlibrary Loan sometimes takes a few weeks. Your choices are: • Jon Spoelstra (2009). Ice to Eskimos: How to Market a Product Nobody Wants. Harper Collins Publishers..

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