Sport Participation among racial and ethnic minorities

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Sport Participation among racial and ethnic minorities


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Essay not needed! For this assignment… I need to pick my topic and do some research( already have one but if you have a better topic feel free to change it). You can look online but make sure they are reputable source. After explaining the topic for your paper then you will include the 5 articles that you have picked plus a short summary of the article. One paragraph will suffice for each article. Here is what you need to include in this assignment: 1. Topic – write a paragraph explaining what you will be writing your final project about….. make sure you have narrowed it down with your research so you know exactly what you will be writing about. 2. Write one paragraph for each of your articles…….. there should be 5 total. 3. Before each summary of the article …. I need you to reference where you got the information. This is because I do check your articles. Take a look at this website to see how to do your reference of the article, book, electronic source (online source), or non print source. PLEASE USE THIS!! to an external site.


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