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The topic I chose is the NBA All Star game experience, how to improve it Each student will write a 10-12 page paper that outlines a comprehensive marketing plan for a specific product, team,  or event, based on a sound, customer-oriented Value Proposition and effective usage of the 4 Ps. Cite at least six credible sources that discuss market trends and strategies, and make recommendations on how one can align the Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies Copyright © 2019-2020 4 organizational operations to address consumer wants and needs. The plan should address both the acquisition and retention of customers. Please see the Marketing Plan Guideline below for all the information that will be required for your project (examples are also on Moodle). The project will use APA style and references. Rubrics for the written paper and presentation will be provided. d. Written Plan: i. Executive summary (overview of plan) – Introduce objective and summarize program goals. ii. Introduction – briefly identify the organization’s: 1. Mission statement or reason for being (your marketing plan should support this). 2. Background and history 3. Target audience or target consumer. iii. Value Proposition – this will address the following consumer question: “Why would I want this product or service?” In other words, what will motivate your target consumer to take action and purchase your product or service? iv. Use details here and refer to examples from current events and examples used in class. v. SWOT Analysis – identify and explain internal strengths/weaknesses (including product, staff, budget, etc.) and external opportunities/threats (elaborate on demand trends, environmental factors and competition that can impact your target demographic). vi. Competitive analysis – identify your main competitors and note their strengths/weaknesses, and what differentiates your product and your approach to reaching your demographic. vii. Customer Analysis / Target Market and Market Segmentation – identify your ideal customer(s), and include breakdown of segments from a demographic and psychographic perspective. Detail here is important. viii. Marketing Goals – summarize specific marketing goals, and how you intend to measure outcomes. For example, a goal might be to increase attendance by 20% – how will you reach this and how will you determine if your plan was successful. ix. Strategies / Tactics – specifically state how you will achieve your goals AND what messaging strategies you will employ. For example, if your goal is to increase attendance 20%, one strategy might be to run 30-second radio spots; another might be to air a 30-minute highlight show, another might be to offer a discount for purchasing tickets by a certain date. 1. Address customer acquisition and retention within the scope of Mullin’s Escalator Theory and appropriate messaging 2. Be sure your strategies are consistent and support your goals. Outline your product, price, place and promotional strategies, as well as publicity efforts. Feel free to be creative with messaging, slogans, taglines, value offers, etc., and include these in your report. x. Summary – briefly state the advantages of your product and the value it brings to your target 

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