Sports Tourism In Germany

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 2. Pick eight journal articles, e-book chapters, reports or studies available from government or NGO sources. You CAN use papers, reports, or journal articles assigned as readings in this course. 3. Have a ONE PAGE INTRODUCTION that explains the aim and purpose of your research paper and what things you are looking for within the annotated bibliography. 4. List the author, title, journal, date, and place of publication in APA format at the top of each page, along with a URL link or direct doi to the article. A) Provide a one-paragraph (max) summary of the key findings of each of the resources. B) Provide a minimum two-paragraph analysis on the relevance/significance of each article to your theme, specifically how you would employ the article in your final paper. 5. Provide a two-page concluding analysis that offers a synthesis of all of the articles of your annotated bibliography. Length: approximately 11 pages, plus title page, table of contents and reference list at the end. References should NOT be locked and should be accessible to the teacher.

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