States’ Rights

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Description Step 1 Review Greenberg-Page pp. 67-70, focusing in on the nationalist and states’ rights position. Definite states’ rights in your own words. Your definition should be about 3-5 sentences. Step 2: Research Choose a topic currently in the news that illustrates the problems between the state and federal government powers. (Think of things that many people either want or don’t want to be made into federal law.) You can review the list of reserved powers from our SoftChalk Lesson this week. Find at least 2 articles on your topic. But to get you started, some current topics include: Immigration Reform Voter Registration Minimum Wage Drivers Licensing Medical Marijuana The Right to Marry Gun Control State taxes Education Reform Biomedical Research (STEM Cell Research is an example) Nutrition (e.g: school lunches, banning transfats, soda tax, calorie labels on menu) Law Enforcement Check out the PCC Political Science LibGuide Online Databases (National Newspapers Core in particular is a helpful resource). If accessing from off-campus you will need to use your LancerPoint login to access these databases. Step 3: Write Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of your articles, including citations (MLA, APA, or Chicago Style Citation). If academic writing is difficult for you, follow the basic steps at the end of this assignment for help writing an article summary. You can use the list below to think about the important information you should include in your summary: Description of the issue How the states’ rights advocates view the issue How the federal government/elected officials/ other supporters of this issue view the problem. What actions are being taken by both parties to either make certain the issue remains under state control or becomes federal law. Summary Writing Guidelines A summary is a short paragraph telling what the main idea of a reading/lecture/video is about. These are some basic steps to follow in order to create a summary: Read the text and underline or highlight the main idea and the main details. Put the text aside and write down the main idea and details in a separate document/on a separate piece of paper. DO NOT LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE! Write your summary using your typed/handwritten notes. In the first sentence make certain to tell who the author is and where you got the information. Check your summary and the original article to be sure you have included only the most important information and that you have not directly copied from the article.

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