Stereotactic breast biopsy

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Module HCT 254: Image Guided Interventional Procedures of the Breast Assignment 1 BackgroundWithin current screening and symptomatic breast services there has been a requirement for healthcare professionals to work across traditional professional boundaries to meet service needs. All those undertaking image guided interventional procedures of the breast require high level clinical skills, competence and autonomous decision making abilities. The task Critically evaluate and reflect on how your professional development (specifically related to undertaking image guided interventional procedures of the breast) has enabled you to fulfil the role of an advanced practitioner and how this benefits current and future service delivery. Guidance notes 1. The assignment should be submitted in accordance with the rules laid down in the students’ handbook 2. Your work should be referenced using the Harvard system. 3. Level 7 Theory rubric will apply to this assignment. 4. If you have any queries regarding this task please contact a member of the module team. 

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