Strayer Week 4 SOC300

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1) TO DO! Next, use at least ONE EXAMPLE of institutions from from at least ONE of the two countries you have selected for the Week 8 assignment —such as a financial system, a judicial system, or the armed forces — to illustrate what developing countries overall have done to weaken or strengthen such institutions. NOTE! In order to get credit for this section of the discussion, you MUST provide at least one current reference (no older than five years). Again class, this section of the discussion requires more than a two or three sentence response.

2) TO DO! Please respond to at least one (1) post from your peers.


Class, as we move into our discussions of institutions in Week 4, we must realize that there is one constant in the world–and that is CHANGE. As developing countries face their futures, they too are faced with change. The ways in which formal institutions have been traditionally viewed are changing, even as developing countries expand deeper into technologies and embrace a more universal view of social, economic and political beliefs. Please view this short video and share your thoughts.

TO DO: Please view this short video and share your thoughts.

Prof. Royal-Smith

Watch VideoWorld Economic Forum on Latin America 2018

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