Surgery and a Holiday

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Type 2-3 pages single- space. Visit the website for Medical Departures International to learn more. Then, answer the following questions. 1. As explained in your textbook, the marketing concept means that an organization directs its efforts at satisfying customers at a profit. How does Medical Departures International work to deliver superior customer value? See your textbook for more discussion on the interplay between the marketing concept and customer value. (50 points) 2. What is the marketing strategy implemented by Medical Departures International? Discuss both the target market and the related marketing mix. Provide specific examples from the website in your answer. (50 points) Source: “Click Here for Hip Surgery and a Holiday” by Ari Altstedter, Bloomberg Businessweek, July 16, 2018, p.19-20. Tips for Writing an Analytical Paper 1. Define the marketing principles used in your answer. In other words, demonstrate that you read the assigned readings. 2. Analysis is NOT the same as opinion. Analysis is based on facts and principles. You organize your answer around the marketing principle(s) that is(are) relevant to the analysis. Example: A target market is a homogeneous group of customers that the company chooses to pursue. Starting with this core definition as your guide to analyzing who is the company’s target market, you must find evidence of how the customers in the group are similar (homogeneous) as well as evidence that the company is pursuing them. Notice that the definition guides you in determining which facts are relevant and important. Connect the relevant facts to the definition. 3. Edit your answer before submitting it. Correct all errors (grammar, organization and spelling).

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