Sustainability in Fashion

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 FIRST PAGE : Research a tangible/practical step that a fashion company or brand can take AND do now that will have long-lasting effects and will make their brand more socially-responsible. This must be an action they can take without spending tens of thousands of dollars and they can measure their success as it lasts. (Research using at least one LIM COLLEGE library sources.) APA Format – with references (include how they will know it is successful) SECOND PAGE : Research how fashion companies can establish and ensure social equity and human rights along fashion’s complex supply chain. Research using at least one LIM COLLEGE library sources, and at least three total resources…. on how fashion and product-producing companies and brands can implement human rights and fair practices and social rights and ensure no injustices for workers in the fashion supply chain? How is it possible? What actions can be taken to ensure these workers are safe, healthy and treated with respect. APA FORMAT

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