Sustainable or Green Manufacturing

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Description Submit a journal article and review on the topic of Sustainable or Green Manufacturing. Find articles that are both relevant to the topic and add “real world” insight to the application of textbook issues. Note that these must be academic journal articles and should, if possible, come from one of the resources listed below. . In general, articles should be at least 7 pages in length. A good rule of thumb: If it doesn’t have a bibliography, it’s probably not an academic article. A “Googled” blip (CNN News, for example) will not suffice. You will be graded on how well your article contributed to the body of knowledge presented in the course, so the best articles are those that either apply textbook topics or present additional materials not covered in the textbook. You must review this article. It should summarize the article in the first paragraph. The next two or more paragraphs should explain what you learned from the article and why you thought it was important to the field of operations management. The list of suggested sources is as follows, in no particular order: Decision Sciences Journal of Operations Management Journal of Business Forecasting Management Quarterly Production and Inventory Management Journal Management Science Manufacturing Engineering Business Horizons Harvard Business Review Academy of Management Journal Purchasing International Journal of Purchasing & Materials Management Journal of the Operations Research Society A note on published sources: If a body of work was originally published in a peer-reviewed journal, but you found it on-line, the work is still considered a published source. The library that you visited just happened to be an electronic one. However, works that appear directly on-line, without a peer review and without having been published in another format previously, does not meet the qualifications for this assignment. The work must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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