Technology and international development ( summary for article)

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Description In this semester I choose to discover the relationship between technology and international development. Find an article must be from sources that are reliably accurate and provide significant, factual information on the topic they cover. These may include high-quality journalism, and the “gray literature” published by international organizations, government agencies, research institutes and “think tanks,” and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Here is the requirement A complete and accurate bibliographic citation using a standard form; including a working URL for articles accessed online • A brief summary of the theme and contents of the article • A brief analysis of the author’s point of view; for example, the author may be critical of particular policy or government, stress the urgency of a particular situation, or praise an achievement or policy • Your evaluation of how and how effectively the article contributed to your knowledge of an important topic in the area of international development • Length: Approximately 2 pages, double-spaced using a standard 12-point font, and standard margins • Quality: summaries must be well-written, well-organized, concise and accurate

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