Terrorism, conflict, and war is not an academic exercise

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Terrorism, conflict, and war is not an academic exercise. 

Module 2: Discussion Board Hello writer , must use the book as one of your resources, also you need to add context from the book into the essay Defining terrorism, conflict, and war is not an academic exercise. The manner in which terrorism is defined will help shape American law enforcement and national security policies in the coming decades. This is not a new concept. The definition of terrorism changes over time. Changes in the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI have been partially prompted by the way we define terrorism at this point in history. If you were asked to develop a definition of terrorism, what political aspects would you apply in your definition? Do you believe that the definition of terrorism used by the United States is concise? Historical circumstances have had a powerful impact on the meaning of terrorism. Do you believe that the meaning of terrorism will change again in the future? What would need to occur in order to change the definition?

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