The Beauty Puzzle

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Listen to the following podcast, which considers fitness, evolution, and selection. The first few minutes may seem a little silly, and the podcast settles in to some interesting questions that biologists have been contemplating for decades or centuries.


The Beauty Puzzle

1. Evolution may best be explained as a :

a/ change in the frequency of alleles in a population over time.

b/change in the proportion of males to females in a population over time.

c/change in the number of individuals in a population over time.

d/ change in the birth rate in a population over time.

2.An organism’s ability to survive and reproduce is called the organism’s


b/ advantage



e/natural selectivity

3.In the show “The Beauty Puzzle”, are they using the term “fitness” correctly, with respect to how it is defined with respect to evolution and selection? Explain your answer.

4.n “The Beauty Puzzle”, the show focuses on selection as a mechanism of evolution. Is selection adaptive or nonadaptive? (choose one). What are three other mechanisms of evolution; are these mechanisms adaptive or nonadaptive? Explain.

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