The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Reading Response to “The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates Academic Level : Bachelor Paper detail

This is a reading response to the article “Tha Case for Reparations”, there are six questions need to be answered, each question for one page (EXCEPT QUESTION NO.2, PLEASE HAVE AT LEAST ONE AND A HALF PAGE FOR THAT QUESTION.) 1. First, when you finished reading the essay, how did you feel? Consider closely your own emotional responses. Did you feel defensive? Confused? Surprised? Guilty? Indignant? Numb? Righteous? Second, in hindsight, were your feelings in response to the argument itself, or to what you saw as an implicit personal criticism? Where do you think those feelings came from? 2. Outline what you would predict as the counter-arguments to Coates’s essay. What are the main points of dispute, and why might readers make them? 3. Select a passage from the essay that you found especially challenging, thought-provoking, important, etc. Locate it in the essay for me by page, and explain why it is so resonant for you. 4. After (hopefully) having read this text a few times, how would you approach the question “How can the United States right the wrongs committed upon African-Americans?” 5. What is the significance of the three epigraphs at the beginning of the essay? 6. Why does Coates make the rhetorical choice of telling the stories of specific people: Clyde Ross, predominantly? What impact does that have on the overall essay?

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