The contribution of strategic function to the overall strategy

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This is a paper that is focusing on the contribution of strategic function to the overall strategy. The paper also provides an overview to use in writing the assignment paper.

The contribution of strategic function to the overall strategy

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment:
1.    Firstly, critically assess the contribution of the strategic function to overall strategy, using case study materials wherever appropriate
2.    Secondly, demonstrate the importance of the ‘design’ activity to strategic management outcomes using case materials wherever appropriate
3.    Thirdly, identify and evaluate the contribution of the various techniques available to the strategic manager when seeking to plan and control business direction, using case study examples wherever appropriate
4.    Fourthly, demonstrate an awareness of the techniques available for business improvement and their application in the specific context of choice


This module reviews the strategic approaches available to all organisations, whatever their size or sector of activity. Strategy is seen as the long-term direction of an organisation and the three elements of the strategy definition are explored further, namely the ‘long term’, ‘direction’ and ‘organisation’. The ‘long term’ is usually defined in terms of several years and up to even a decade in the future.  ‘Direction’ involves issues such as transfers between sectors of economic activity, e.g. print to electronic media within publishing. ‘Organisation’ can include many types, a small and also medium sized enterprise, a multinational, not-for-profit enterprise or a public sector organisation. Human involvement in the processes of strategic formulation is carefully examined, as are the empirical and case study outcomes of these strategies, when implement.
Assignment: Analysis of a strategic change.

You will complete your Assignment, an analysis of the challenges arising from a strategic change and recommendations for leading and also managing the change process.
Your Assignment should have entries under each heading. A suggested outline:
Executive Summary (up to 200 words)
Background to the Situation of the Change
Diagnosis of the Change
Implementing the Change
Conclusions and Recommendations
References (NOT included in word count)
Appendix (NOT included in word count)

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