The description of a company its industry and major competitors

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This is a paper that is focusing on the description of a company its industry and major competitors. The paper also provides additional information on some of the questions to answer in the assignment.

The description of a company its industry and major competitors

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS REPORT INSTRUCTIONS Write a 10-12 page report summarizing the financial statement analysis of your chosen Company (used in the Excel Project). The report should be written in APA style, and should include a title page, abstract, and also reference page. Conclusions should be supported by 10 scholarly or trade sources, including the course text and the Bible. (Please note that Investopedia, Accounting Coach, and also other similar websites are not considered reputable resources.) Your report should be written according to the following outline:

I. Introduction – a general description of the Company, its industry, and major competitors. II. Analyze the operating activities of the Company. A. Firstly, identify the Company’s core income sources. B. Secondly, identify the Company’s comprehensive income sources. C. Thirdly, examine and discuss the Company’s quality of earnings. D. Fourthly, identify the Company’s sources of operating and non-operating income. E. Lastly, identify the Company’s sources of transitory and permanent earnings. III. Analyze the Company’s sources of cash flows.

A. Firstly, identify trends in the Company’s cash flows in each of the three cash flow categories.

B. Secondly, relate cash flow to the Company’s organizational strategy.

IV. Discuss the implications of potentially unrecorded assets for the Company.

V. Comparative and Ratio Analysis

A. Firstly, clearly state the implications of the ratio analysis concerning the following aspects of the Company: 1. Liquidity 2. Solvency 3. Financial Leverage 4. Asset Efficiency 5. Profitability 6. Market Value B. Secondly, compare and contrast the selected Company, its competitors, and industry averages. C. Thirdly, identify the Company’s strengths and weaknesses. VI. Evaluate the Company in relation to a Biblical worldview. VII. As of result of your overall analysis, draw conclusions regarding the Company’s future prospects

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