The Eros Effect of the French Revolution

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Read George Katsiaficas, The Global Imagination of 1968, foreword, preface, and pp. 1-210. Here, you will learn about what Katsificas (following the philosopher Herbert Marcuse) calls the “politics of eros”and the “eros effect”–respectively, radical politics based on a sense of limitless possibility and great waves of activism that express such politics. The book presents a global survey of such uprisings from 1968 into the early 1970s and, in some places, beyond. (You do not have to read the book, just familiarize yourself with the Eros Effect and Eros Politics). Essentially, I will be providing a photo of the French Revolution of 1968. Explain the revolution and the student involvement .Then explain how the primary source exemplifies the Eros Effect. The essay should be typed in a standard font and double-spaced. It should also be proofread and copyedited before it’s submitted. Papers that fall short of these minimal standards or do not meet the requirement as to length will have to be revised and resubmitted.

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