The Everyday Use Critical Response

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 Readings For this assignment, read all six articles listed below and use them to complete the critical response. Book Articles Preview the document (click the green link): William Ferris, “Reflections on Writing and Women’s Lives: An Interview with Alice Walker” (492) Barbara T. Christian, “‘Everyday Use’ and the Black Power Movement” (492-494) Mary Helen Washington, “‘Everyday Use’ as the Portrait of an Artist” (494-496) Gale Packet Articles Preview the document (click the green link): Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton, “Overview of ‘Everyday Use’” (43-45) Nancy Tuten, “Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use’” (45-47) Houston A. Baker Jr. and Charlotte Pierce-Baker, “Patches: Quilts and Community in Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use’” (47-50) The Gale packet contains a great deal of useful information, including an author biography, story summary, notes on character and theme, historical background, as well as critical articles. You are only required to read the articles listed above. However, if you are finding any parts of the story hard to understand, the other information in the packet can be a very helpful supplemental source. Directions Read the critical articles on “Everyday Use” (above). Open a Word file. First, type a short excerpt from each of the articles. These should be sentences that you found interesting or insightful, the kind of writing you might find helpful to quote in your Unit II Essay. Under each excerpt, explain why it’s helpful for understanding the story. Did it help you understand a character or theme better? Did it make you realize something about the story that you didn’t before? Was there some interesting piece of historical or cultural information that really stood out to you? Don’t use any direct quotes from the story that are included in the articles. The purpose of this assignment is to look at the articles’ analysis, so that’s what you need to quote. If you use story quotes, you won’t receive credit for those portions of the assignment. Be sure to give specific page numbers for each of your excerpts. The author’s name and the page number should be placed in parentheses at the end of each excerpt. Ex: (Washington 495) If you need help visualizing the assignment, look at the sample critical response.Preview the document Guidelines Each excerpt should be 1-2 sentences in length (six excerpts total). Each explanation should be at least 75 words (six explanations total). All six excerpts and explanations should be submitted as one Word file.

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