The Failure Analysis Paper that has two parts document

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This is a paper that is focusing on the Failure Analysis Paper that has two parts. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

The Failure Analysis Paper that has two parts document

The Failure Analysis Paper is one paper which has two parts. It will be turned in as one document, with one Table of Contents and also one References page for the whole document.

Length: 1,500 words, minimum (approx.: 600 Methods/900 Case Analysis); can be up to 2,200 if desired.
Format:  IEEE citation style; double spaced; pg #s in upper left.

Include a topic specific title (don’t just write: “Failure Analysis”; tell us what the field is, and the case); include headings throughout the paper.
Submission: Turn text in to E-Learning as an attached document in Word format (.docx). Name the file using your full name and the name of the assignment (e.g.: Emory Smith FA.docx).
Outline for Part 1: Please include the following major subheadings:

Section 1: Identifying common types of failures (in your field of engineering).
Types of failure
(Root) causes of those failures
Section 2: Failure Analysis Methods
Preventative methods
Forensic Methods

The Failure Analysis Paper that has two parts document

Relevant industry standards for materials and testing – list and describe two
Outline for Part 2: Please include the following major subheadings:

Case description – Firstly, the section describes the case(s) of failure. (NOTE: this section may repeat some info which you’ve written in Part 1, Sec. 1). The case description includes the context of the failure and why the failure matters. (NOTE: For your case, you can use either a particular, historical moment of failure (like the Challenger shuttle explosion, etc.), or write about recurrent case(s) of failure (like fatigue in bridge trusses)).This part reads more like a story – “EX: Reports reveal that the cause of this failure was due to….”.

Case Investigation – Secondly, this section documents the failure analysis methods and industry standards used in the case, including the tests that can be performed and the outcomes of the tests. This section should include all information necessary to understanding the root cause of failure. HINT: this kind of information can be found in published trade and also scholarly reports on a case of failure.

Recommendations – Thirdly, this section explains the impact of the failure and identifies standards or practices which may have contributed to the failure. Importantly, this section ends by making recommendations for how to prevent the failure from happening again.

Any of the above sections may have sub-sections. For example, you may use subheadings for each type of test performed. You may also use lists, tables, and diagrams in your paper.

Other Requirements

At least two images or figures must be in the You may use more than two figures. Make sure to label and cite figures properly.
Use the Word “References” menu to insert
The paper will include a minimum of 6 high quality sources: academic, trade, and also standards sources (like IEEE and ASTM standards) are all credible sources that count toward the six.
Using low-quality sources will result in a 25% reduction in grade.

The final paper must have a title, Table of Contents, and References page
If you do not use a title page, then include your name in the header with the page
Create one Table of Contents page for the entire paper (the TOC can have two “Introduction” sections, for Parts 1 and 2). Use the Word Style menu to create the TOC. This will allow you automatically generate a TOC using the References tool.
Create one References page for the entire paper
Failure to include a title (or header), TOC page, and also References page will result in a 10% reduction in grade.
Stylistically, the paper is written in the 3rd person, for a mixed audience. Technical language is allowed, but important terms should be defined more extensively as this kind of paper is meant to inform and educate. Do not use the second person (you/your/you’re).

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