The False Consensus Effect

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The False Consensus Effect


Paper details:

Aim – to assess if the false consensus effect can be replicated in the current PSYC102 cohort and if the effect applies to other situations and context. I have uploaded the ‘Report Background’ and ‘Research Report Criteria’ for an overview of what is expected. I have also uploaded a copy of the study/survey we participated in ‘Study Model’ And I’ve uploaded the results from the study/survey that we need to report on ‘ Results of Study. There are 3 sources that need to be referenced and compared to throughout the report. ‘Source 1, 2 and 3.’ You will see in the ‘Study Model’ that the ‘Supermarket Study’ is a replication of ‘Study 1’ completed in ‘Source 1 – Replication Study’. I have started writing the report with just a basic draft of some sections, they will most likely need editing. But the main paragraphs I need are the ‘Discussion and Introduction’. You will see that the in the file ‘Study Model’ they have given us the Method section.

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