The future of the sociopolitical relationship between Iran & The Republic of Azerbaijan

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arts: – Part 1: The identity crisis of Azerbaijan. (This part should cover the social aspects, such as the identity crisis of Azerbaijani people, where they fit all the criteria of an Iranian identity except for the language. Also provide a brief definition on the theories of homogeneous and heterogeneous societies and discuss where the Azerbaijani people fit in these definitions). Tips of what information to be added: The Iranian & Zoroastrian background of whats known today as the “Republic of Azerbaijan” being an essential part of historical Iran throughout history. Then discuss the lingual shift of the native population who spoke Old Azari (an old Iranian dialect) but gradually changed to a form of Turkic (heavily influenced by Persian) due to arrival of the Oghuz Turks in medieval time and politically dominating the region, such as the Seljuks dynasty. Discuss the effect of languages in defining the identities of nations, where even if the ethnic and cultural background of Azeris is more related to the Iranian and Caucuses peoples, but due to the domination of Turkic language, the nation is in denial which resulted in an identity crisis thus the struggle to establish an independent identity. The fact that the Azeris embrace Nourooz as its national celebration and new year, also using the fire as a national symbol, where both the Nourooz and fire are Zoroastrian elements that are essentially and exclusively part of the Iranian identity, this makes the Azeris closer to Iran and the Iranians than they are to Turkey that does not embrace any of these elements. Then please add the definitions of the “Homogeneous Societies” and “Heterogeneous Societies” and where does Azerbaijan stand from these two definitions. —– Part 2: The Creation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (This part mainly covers the political aspects). Discuss how the Republic of Azerbaijan was created. Highlight that the original name of the “Republic of Azerbaijan” is Shirvan and Arran, which were two provinces overtaken by the Russians as a result of their victory against Persia. The role of the Mosavat party and their reasons for choosing the name “Azerbaijan” which is actually the name of an Iranian province. Also discuss the rise of pan-Turk groups and their political objectives that angers Iran. The border conflict with Armenia (Qarabagh), and the role of Iran in that conflict. Also highlight the call of the political parties in Baku to encourage the separation of Tabriz from Iran to join the newly formed republic of Azerbaijan, which was one reason that lead Iran to support Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan. Also highlight the calls from Iran to annex back the “Republic of Azerbaijan” claiming that the Turkmanchay and Golestan treaties are not applicable anymore. —– Part 3: The role of the economic factor in establishing means of communication and diplomatic opportunities between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, such as the trade of commodities. —– These 3 parts that I summarized above are information that I expect to be included in the dissertation. However, please do not restrict yourself to it, and make sure that there is a sound argument with a proper sequence that leads to a clear conclusion. Q) Do Azerbaijanis suffer from an identity crisis? Yes, they fit all criteria of an Iranian identity except for language. Q) Will Azerbaijan ever be annexed back to Iran? No, because the nation has been separated for long period enough to isolate them from the Iranian realm and also because the Western powers and Israel (a strong ally of Republic of Azerbaijan) will not allow it to happen. Q) Is there a future for a stable relationship between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan? Yes, mainly driven by economic, cultural and religious reasons.

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