The Good Life

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 (The Good Life):What does it mean to have a good human life? Defend your answer. Part of your essay should discuss the way that Aristotle develops criteria for answering this question: What features does Aristotle think any adequate answer to this question must have? Explain how he seeks to establish his definition for happiness (esp. in Book I chapter 7). Do you think Aristotle’s definition that the human good is “[rational] activity of the soul in accord with virtue…over a complete life” is correct? Why or why not? *I think you can use sources but its not meant to be a research paper… but since you’re not in the class or have the book, I can see why you would need sources. Just please cite them and include a citations sheet* THANK YOU! Book that this essay is based on: Irwin, T. (trans.) (1999) Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co.).

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