The HealthCare Workforce – question below

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Module 5 Discussion Topic 2

The Health Workforce

Review Chapter 9 in Knickman and Elbel (2019). In Chapter 9, we noted that the health workforce was central to the health care system and changes in its deployment and utilization will have significant effects on health care quality and costs.

In the discussion forum analyze the following questions:

  1. If changes to scope-of practice regulations could help abate health worker shortages, why are changes not made? Which scope-of-practice proposals would you support?
  2. What are the risks in relying more on telemedicine and electronic communication to help meet the need for health care services?
  • All discussions are set in post first mode, which means you must create your primary post before being allowed to view your classmates’ work.

APA- 1 page- at least 2 citations.. one being from the book Health Care Delivery in the United States 12th edition.

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