The impact of US remittence sent to Mexico, China, and India on US Inflation rates

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Using data collected from and other necessary sources, a research paper examining the impact of United States workers remittance monies sent to the top three foreign countries- Mexico, China, and India on United States inflation. Examine remittance, and how it impacts both the US economy and the recipient foreign economies. Also, using excel, and data collected from create a regression analysis and equation to measure the impact of remittance to the 3 countries on US inflation rates over a 10- 30 year period. Papers must include a cover sheet, executive summary page, table of contents page, references page, and appendix if applicable (to include items such as survey instruments and data sets). The individual elements in the paper must conform to the APA style guide. The paper content must include the following sections: Introduction (3-4 pages), literature review (10 pages), methodology (3-5 pages), findings, outcomes, and recommendation (4-5 pages),for a total deliverable of about 15-20 pages, not including prefatory and reference page

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