the IV and DV

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Identify the IV and DV on the following situations or topics.

1. Age as a variable in the mortality of COVID-19 patients.
2. Resort reservations in Boracay after the implementation of the different community quarantine.3. Increasing the proportion of liquid (milk, vegetable oil, softened butter) in the moistness of a cake.
4. Temperament of elementary students after their exposure to violent computer games5. The life span of car wheels as a result of a load of the vehicle.
6. Prices of branded apparel as a result of high unemployment of the working class.7. Choice of Track and strand as influenced by their grade in Math and Science.
8. Absence of SHS Admission Exam to the Increase of Academic Track Enrollees in Santo Tomas University.9. Effectiveness of Exposing Students in Classical Music on Reading Comprehension
10. Increasing Mathematics Achievement Through Contextualized and Localized Materials

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