The Jonas human resource management case study

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This is a paper that is focusing on the Jonas human resource management case study. The paper also provides the minimum qualifications and additional questions to focus in the assignment.

The Jonas human resource management case study

Coursework A* Apply style guide (given) as much as possible. Human Resource Management Case Study: Jonas, 23, is applying for the position of Enterprise Marketing Manager at Google, Italy. He has a bachelor’s degree in international business. During his school years he had already been in Italy as an exchange student for six months. After graduating from high school, he did an internship of several months with an international IT consulting company and gained insights into B2B marketing. He speaks German, English and Italian fluently. He is described as IT-savvy by his friends and even has programmed smaller apps himself. Job Description:

Minimum qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience. • Experience in B2B and/or field marketing. • Experience building and executing on GTM (go-to-market) plans. • Ability to speak and write in English and Italian fluently and idiomatically. Preferred qualifications: • Experience working on enterprise account based marketing programs. • Experience in planning, scaling and delivering Marketing moments with Partners. • Knowledge of enterprise software purchase, development and implementation cycles and working with technology partners. • Familiarity with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems/marketing automation and tracking tools to assess marketing campaign effectiveness.

• Effective problem-solving, strategic/analytical skills with experience in setting and working towards measurable marketing metrics. • Effective project management and communication skills with the ability to manage agencies, vendors and large projects in multi-matrixed environments. Responsibilities • Act as a Marketing Strategist for the enterprise customer segment and lead the planning, development and execution of enterprise marketing initiatives for industry verticals. • Develop recommendations and guidance on effective methods to target the enterprise segment based on past results and new research. • Collaborate with cross-functional manager teammates to develop compelling, high-impact campaigns and ABM programs across multiple channels to successfully engage prospective accounts and generate pipeline/opportunities for Sales. • Align with Sales and Partners (e.g., Telco, System Integrators, Tech Partners) to ensure enterprise programs are synchronized with sales priorities, objectives and goals.

The Jonas human resource management case study

• Coordinate with other Marketing teams which impact enterprise marketing activities (such as Corporate Events, Product Marketing, Partner Marketing, Growth Marketing and Digital) to provide strategic leadership. Assignment: Describe (1a) generally which selection methods are suitable for the advertised position. Also consider (1b) the advantages and disadvantages of the selection methods. Especially use: Chapter 6 (employee testing and selection) And Chapter 7 (Interviewing Candidates) As an HR specialist, you conduct the job interview with Jonas. (2a) Describe how a structured job interview should be prepared and conducted. (2b) Develop two situational and two behavioral questions. (2c) For each question, develop ideal (benchmark) answers for good (a 5 rating), marginal (a 3 rating), and poor (a 1 rating) answers. (3) What are the challenges for the interviewer? Briefly discuss typical errors during the job interview and how they can be avoided.

Especially use: Chapter 7 Google uses Objectives and Key Results (OKR) to appraise performance. (4a) Describe the basics of how OKR works and (4b) how it differs from Management by Objectives (MbO). (4c) In your opinion, which objectives or results would be suitable to carry out the performance appraisal for the position of Jonas (according to the job description)? Name and explain at least three possible objecitves or results. Use as a basis for information for OKR the following youtube video: Especially use: Chapter 9 (Performance Mgt. and appraisal)

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