The leadership challenge report and design aspects of an inquiry project

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This is an assignment that discusses the leadership challenge report and design aspects of an inquiry project. The paper also discusses the hinders from providing professional development.

The leadership challenge report and design aspects of an inquiry project

Leadership challenge report
Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this task, students should also be able to:

1.   Firstly, identify a leadership challenge
2.   Secondly, articulate the design aspects of an inquiry project in order to secure appropriate evidence to use to examine the challenge
3.   Thirdly, access literature that is relevant to their professional challenge and identify how the literature responds to it
4.   Then, consider additional evidence that may address the challenge and their implications
5.   Also, analyse the evidence used and determine the relevance of the findings to the challenge
6.   Articulate the implications and actions that may address the challenge
7.   Lastly, communicate findings of the project to a professional and/or academic audience.


What hinders/prevents educational school leaders from providing professional development that meets the needs of their teachers?
Details of task:

1.  Introduction (350 words) Your introduction should include:

An introduction to the inquiry.

Your inquiry question.

Why the inquiry question is important to you both professionally and academically.

A “map” of the paper – specifically a paragraph that presents to the reader what will be covered in the project report.

2.  Inquiry approach (400 words)
This section should also include:

The scope of the inquiry – what did it include and also why?

The resources and search terms used to identify relevant literature.

Subsequently, discussion of how the literature was analysed to identify your chosen themes.

Identification of the constraints of your inquiry.

3.  Body (3400 words)

The body will present your themes (using headings and subheadings).

●   Additionally, each section will demonstrate a synthesised understanding of the literature related to your inquiry question.

4.  Conclusion (650 words)

This section should address the following:

The answer to your inquiry question based on this literature review.

Gaps that emerged around things you cannot yet know or should be investigated more.

Reflection on how the review shapes your current thinking and practice concerning your leadership challenge.

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