The Literature Review Matrix research Assignment

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This is a paper that is focusing on the Literature Review Matrix research Assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

The Literature Review Matrix research Assignment

Literature Review Matrix Assignment
Literature Review Matrix Assignment: (referred to as Review Matrix)

In preparing for the Personal Leadership Strategic Plan Assignment, develop a Literature Review Matrix.
Include in the Review Matrix research to support your Personal Leadership Strategic Plan after considering the following:

Refer back to assessments, SWOT analysis, and readings in Module 1.  Reflect back on the “burning question” that you came up with in your Research course.  Begin to think about your vision for nursing, your vision for yourself in your current practice setting, your vision for yourself as an advanced practice nurse, and also how you would utilize your strengths to purpose your vision.
What areas repeatedly emerge as strengths?  How can you use those to develop as a leader throughout your career?  In what areas do you need to develop? What will you do to overcome those limitations and enhance your leadership potential?

Using a Research Matrix Table adapted from one utilized in your Research course (Garrad, 2017), provide relevant criteria for each article reviewed or you can use the example in the attachment below.

The Literature Review Matrix research Assignment

·         You may use quantitative or qualitative research; however, for this assignment, you may find qualitative research more applicable.  In addition to research studies, you may use literature reviews or evidence supported by government, consumer, and professional organizations.
Must incorporate peer reviewed articles.
Each literature source submitted must have relevance to your Personal Leadership Strategy.
For grading criteria, see Literature Review Matrix Rubric.

Remember, ensure  that the paper is at least three pages exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.

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