The problem of endangered wildlife

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Topic for the essay : one aspect of the problem of endangered wildlife and what is being done to combat poaching and protect wildlife. Factory farming is a different topic. Either is fine if you address a debatable aspect ( be aware that the essay is 10 pages so you must be aware in choosing a wise topic to write about )

Annotated Bibliography – Instructions & Evaluation

After completing the independent research assignment and doing further research, you will submit an annotated bibliography in order to assess the research you have done for your essay. This bibliography will help you to determine what research you still need to do. If any of the sources you evaluated in the independent research assignment proved relevant and useful for your essay, you may include them in your annotated bibliography. You may also draw on your answers in the research assignment to write your annotations. If any source in your research assignment did not prove useful, however–for example, if it is out-of-date, irrelevant, too narrow in focus, or written by an author with insufficient credibility–you should not include it in your annotated bibliography.

For 5 sources, including 2 sources that are either a) a book that has gone through rigorous editorial review or b) a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal, do the following:

  1. Type a full and correct citation (in MLA ) for each source.


2. Directly below each citation, write a brief summary of the thesis or main findings of the source. Note: write a good summary of the source’s argument; do not merely write what the source “is about.” Do not quote from the source. You must summarize the argument in your own words. (1-2 sentences)

3. Below the summary, write a brief statement of the source’s relevance to your research. Describe how you will use this source in your argument. (1-2 sentences)

Keep to the sentence guidelines; one of the objectives of this assignment is to see whether you can summarize the thesis or main findings of the source succinctly.

Be sure to alphabetize your sources, just as you would in the bibliography (Works Cited or References) for your essay.

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