The Red Clay Renovations policy issue and plan of action

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This is a paper that is focusing on the Red Clay Renovations policy issue and plan of action. The paper also provides a brief description of the case study for the assignment paper.

The Red Clay Renovations policy issue and plan of action

Red Clay Renovations is an internationally recognized, awarding winning firm that specializes in the renovation and rehabilitation of residential buildings and dwellings. The company specializes in updating homes using “smart home” and “Internet of Things” technologies while maintaining period correct architectural characteristics. Please refer to the company profile (file posted in Week 1 > Content > CSIA 413 Red Clay Renovations Company Profile.docx) for
additional background information and information about the company’s operating environment.

Policy Issue & Plan of Action
The company has grown substantially over the past few years. The current Employee Handbook was created from a set of templates purchased from a business services firm. The policies in the handbook were revival by the company’s attorney at the time of purchase. The attorney raised no objections at that time. During a recent legal review, the company’s corporate counsel advised that the company update the Employee Handbook to better address its current operating environment. Additionally, the Chief Executive Officer has tasked the Chief of Staff to oversee the handbook updates including obtaining all necessary approvals from the Corporate Governance Board.

The Chief of Staff met with the full IT Governance Board to discuss the required policy updates. (The IT Governance Board is responsible for providing oversight for all IT matters within the company). The outcome of that meeting was an agreement that the CISO and also CISO staff will update and/or create IT related policies for the employee handbook. These policies include:
Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology
Bring Your Own Device Policy
Digital Media Sanitization, Reuse, & Destruction Policy

The Red Clay Renovations policy issue and plan of action

Your Task Assignment
As a staff member supporting the CISO, you have been to research what the three policies should contain and then prepare an “approval draft” for each one. No single policy should exceed two typed pages in length so you will need to be concise in your writing and only include the most important elements for each policy.
The policies for EMPLOYEES and must explain employee obligations and also responsibilities. Each policy must also include the penalties for violations of the policy and identify who is responsible for compliance enforcement.

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