The roller coaster conservation of energy and momentum

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This is a paper that is focusing on the roller coaster conservation of energy and momentum. The paper also provides the requirements to use in writing the assignment report.

The roller coaster conservation of energy and momentum

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Apply principles of conservation of energy and momentum to analyze the behavior of interacting objects

You have been asked by your supervisors at A&L Engineering to design a roller coaster for a new theme park. Because this design is in the initial stages, you have been asked to create a track for the ride. Your coaster should have at least two peaks and two valleys, and launch from an initial height of 75 meters. Each peak and valley should represent a vertical change of at least 20 meters. In your design, you should plan for a mass between 400 and 600 kilograms.
Once you design the track, you are to calculate the kinetic energy, potential energy, momentum, and work done by the cart at various points throughout the track. Unless otherwise stated, you can ignore the effects of friction. Following your calculations, you are to describe the energy transfers detail by these equations.


To complete this roller coaster design report, complete the following:

1.   Create a diagram of a roller coaster track containing at least two peaks and two valleys. As you complete your report, you may wish to design a more complicated coaster. However, it should still have two peaks and two valleys that meet the requirements below and that you are comfortable using in calculations and descriptions of energy and momentum. Your diagram should include the following information:
An initial height of 75 meters
At least two peaks and two valleys representing drops of over 20 meters
A set mass for your roller coaster cart between 400 and 600 kilograms

2.   Calculate the kinetic energy, potential energy, and momentum of the cart at the initial drop for both peaks, and for both valleys. If your coaster has more than two peaks and two valleys, select which peaks and valleys you wish to use in your calculations and clearly mark them on your diagram. In your calculations, be sure to explicitly state the equations you use and what values you will be substituting to calculate the final value.

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