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The word city conjures up many images, drawn from personal experience and perhaps influenced by
characterizations in film, literature, or other cultural expressions. Your expectation for how life should be lived
may also come from multiple perspectives. Do citizens refer to a nostalgic past? Were things really better in the
past? Is the economy attracting new residents? How is the city adjusting to the influx? In this Discussion, you
define quality of life in a city through a particular perspective.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Read “The Secrets of the World’s Happiest Cities” and “Cities: Places Sacred, Safe, and Busy,” located in this
week’s Resources area.
Post a 250-word response that explains the best perspective through which to define quality of life in a city.
Choose from the following perspectives:
-Public Health
In your post, be sure to:
Use the place you live ( West Palm Beach, Florida) to provide real-life examples of how quality of life can be
Refer to one specific example from your course reading.
Note: Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources or something you
have read, heard, seen, or experienced.

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