The “Seven Cs of Effective Business Communication” (Writing Critique Document).

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Writing critique assignment for business communication class. Preparation You should consider the feedback you have received for your WAs and the information provided in the WA debriefings. Reflecting on your own writing may be helpful in providing criticism that will be readily accepted by the author. You should read the analysis model prior to reading the document you are to critique – having a thorough understanding of the “lens” you are to use helps you focus as you analyse the document. Product Using the analysis model discussed in class and available below, write a critique of the document posted in the Assignments section on Blackboard (Writing Critique Document). Your critique should point out what has been done effectively (including why this is effective), as well as what needs to be improved (or what is lacking). There is no need to include each instance of effectiveness or error (i.e., each correct use of you-attitude does not need to be itemized; each missing comma does not need to be noted). Your suggested improvements will be reinforced with specific examples and textbook page numbers will be included. You may want to consider the “Seven Cs of Effective Business Communication” in your analysis. Your critique should address all aspects of the model; however, you should not simply “answer” each question, as your writing will lack appropriate flow. The model provides you with a framework for your critique (analysis) of the document; the questions should be considered as “prompts” for your critique of the document. Your critique will include an effective introduction and conclusion.

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