The special Olympics story FC313 draft essay plan

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This is a paper that focuses on the special Olympics story FC313 draft essay plan. The paper also contains key steps to follow in writing the assignment.

The special Olympics story FC313 draft essay plan

FC313 Draft Essay Plan (Please refer to the Assessment Instructions)
Introduction (150 words approx.):

Firstly, in the introduction write the story of the Special Olympics.

Topic: How the Special Olympics have given disabled community and identity.

Background: Special Olympics (when and how does it start – which countries participated first – the different types of sports in it – the different types of disability that participating on it).

Key word definitions:

Secondly, outline of key issues to be discussed and views/theories presented:

Paragraph 1 (400 words approx.):

First issue relating to topic: People attitudes about the Special Olympics and also how has it changed over the years.

Explanation/evidence: examples.

Different viewpoint:

Paragraph 2 (400 words approx.):

Second issue relating to topic: Describing the event – which sports attract disabled athletes – what is the coverage like.

Explanation/evidence: (add some examples about disabled athletes who won medals and also a small brief about them).

Different viewpoint:

Paragraph 3 (400 words approx.):

Third issue relating to topic: The difference between how people used to act about it and how they act nowadays – A country that hasn’t supported disabled athletes previously – The development of the Special Olympics over the years until this day.

Explanation/evidence: example of what country hasn’t support them and also examples about what countries did to help developing the Special Olympics.

Different viewpoint:


A short summary of the 3 paragraphs with a main point.

Ensure that this report is at least 1300 words long excluding the cover page and also the reference page. Additionally, ensure that you include all the references from the sources that you are to use. All the writing and also referencing should follow the APA format and style guidelines.

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