The spoetzl Brewery

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 The Spoetzl Brewery is experience an annual growth rate of approximately 20 percent. Your assignment is to analyze the firm’s manufacturing process and provide capacity acquisition and/or utilization recommendations to management. Your analysis will be evaluated both on the quality of your recommendations and implementation plans. The discussion questions in the case will help you frame the main issues facing the firm. The case material is self-contained and you are not required to do any internet search for the case analysis. Spoetzl’s current processes and marketing strategy are not relevant to the case. The case analysis is limited to 5 pages (1.5 spacing) text plus supporting exhibits. Only provide background information that is material to your analysis/recommendations. Note, that all exhibits should be properly referenced in the text. You have flexibility in structuring your report. A potential format follows: 1. Executive Summary: briefly provide your problem statement, analysis approach and recommendations: (1 paragraph) 2. Problem statement: background material, evaluation criteria, alternatives, etc. 3. Evaluation of alternatives. 4. Recommendation: including implementation plan, risk mitigation, financial impact, etc.

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