The Sterilization of Leilani Muir analytical writing skills

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This is a paper that is focusing on the The Sterilization of Leilani Muir analytical writing. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

The Sterilization of Leilani Muir analytical writing

The purpose of this assignment is to (a) apply criminological theory and (b) develop concise analytical writing skills. Overview: In a brief written assignment, you will use a criminological theory discussed in the course to analyze a documentary from a particular theoretical perspective. For example, does the documentary illustrate the role of biological and/or psychological elements in the development of criminal behaviour and, if so, how? Does the documentary identify major social correlates related to the issue presented? If so, what are they and what impact do they have on the issue?

Your assignment should include an overview of the theory you best feel explains the message of the documentary and an application of the theory to the issue covered in the documentary. Your application should clearly demonstrate an understanding of the major proposition of the theory and its related concepts. The technical requirements for this assignment are: The written assignment should be 3 to 4 pages in length (approx. 800 to 1000 words), double-spaced, and written in Times New Roman (font size 12). Formatting should conform to the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. DOCUMENTARY CHOSEN: The Sterilization of Leilani Muir – 11 minute video on Youtube

Remember, ensure  that the paper is at least three pages exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.

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