“The wife of Bath’s tale”

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 Description “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” Performance Task The Canterbury Tales are a series of stories told by different characters as they undergo a pilgrimage. *Each tale has a prologue written in third-person that gives details about the character who is telling the tale, and provides background information about the character. Task: Write an informational essay that explores the similarities and differences between the character of the Wife from the General Prologue and Prologue to “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” and the female character from “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.” Analyze: * the morals of the characters, * themes like “Nobility,” “Looks could be deceptive,” “Sovereignty,” etc. * the aspect of manipulation. ❖ Use textual evidence from The General Prologue, Prologue to Wife of Bath, and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.” ❖ Brainstorm and write an outline. ❖ Compose your rough drafts.

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