Thematic connections

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Prompt: The thematic connections among these selected readings include: establishing one’s identity, defiance of social norms to find one’s authentic self, individualism, independent thought, appearance versus reality, outward appearance versus inner self, power of communication and understanding, and the impact of human connections. The literature also underscores the impact and implications of culture and historical time periods on gender relations, sexism, tradition, domesticity, mental illness, ethics, class, and freedom of choice. Using textual evidence and evidence-based research, explore these literary themes with connection to the overall course themes of innocence and experience, culture and identity, and love and hate. Specifically, throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, how has society itself shaped identity and the human condition, particularly as humans attempt and struggle to find self-fulfillment, acceptance, and a place in an often restrictive world defined by bias, stereotypes, judgment, group-think and traditional expectation? What are the psychological impacts of such on the formation of identity despite time, place, or gender?

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