This is a basic Microsoft Excel homework. You just need to put in some formulas and make it look credible. There is a template that i will provide, you just need to put in the formulas

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The Excel spreadsheet provided has fictitious students and their scores. Your job is to use excel to write calculations for each student’s final grades based on the weights specified below and to provide the total numbers of letter grades in the class.

Complete this assignment in the excel spread sheet provided above.

To demonstrate your ability with excel and to make grading manageable please:

1) Create a top sheet called answers as the first page of excel book.

2) Answer sheet should include all student names with.results in bold in highlighted columns. This should show when the workbook loads.

3) Next to your results add columns that provide the excel formulas you used to calculate them.

4) Upload your excel sheet to blackboard.

Use these detailed instructions for your calculations, be sure to calculate class averages for each letter grade.

Calculate grade based on these weights:

Homework (HW) 20% toward final grade

Exam 35% toward final grade

Project 45% toward final grade

For each student show:

Final numerical grade (the sum of the above % for HW, exam and project)

Letter grade based on the scale below:

Final grade > or = 90 is A

Final grade < 90 and > or = 80 is B

Final grade < 80 and > or = 70 is C

Final grade < 70 and > or = 60 is D

Final grade <60 = F

For the class provide the total number of students with each letter grade.

number of A’s =

number of B’s =

number of C’s =

number of D’s =

number of F’s =

Show how each of these answers were calculated.

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